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The ZA-PET Zapper Device

About ZA-PET Zappers

The ZA-PET, pronounced zap it, (a play on words as it is a zapper and my name is Peter) is an electronic zapper type frequency generator based on Dr Hulda Clark’s device, but there the similarity ends.

Our zapper uses a standard 9 volt battery to power a 30 kHz (50%) square wave frequency generator whose output is offset by 0.25 volt so that the polarity is always positive. The batteries generally have 9.2 volt when new, our zapper can output almost 9 volts where as our competitors are lucky to output 7.5 volts, which is important when you realize that you need at least 5.5 volts to get past the skin’s natural resistivity.

Because it is important to know when the battery is getting low, we incorporated a low battery circuit into our device. When the battery gets below 6.2 volts a LED light will illuminate, giving the user time to replace the battery.

We also need to know that the unit is functioning as designed, which is harder because the 9 volt output is not generally felt by the user. A further circuit was designed and incorporated into the ZA-PET and is used to test that the zapper is fully functional. Since the current must pass through one handhold, through your body and then out through the other handhold, then and only then will the test circuit LED illuminate.

For users to feel the voltage would require in the order of 25 volts which is unacceptable when you consider that to kill a virus only requires a voltage of 6-9 volts at a current of only 0.0001 Amps, that’s 100th of one millionth of an amp. Our zappers put out approx 15-20 mA which is still 20,000 times higher than that required to kill viruses.

Our output is a stable square wave even under load. We achieve this through innovative circuit design.

You too can use this method to regain your health by ridding your body of its invaders, never to worry about your health again.

Get your whole family well and keep them well. Virus free.

The Test

As a chronic sufferer of Peptic Ulcers, Giardia, Reflux and Restless Legs Syndrome, I had been on drugs for many years and according to my doctors, would have continued to do so for the rest of my life. Thankfully Dr Clark’s book has offered me a chance to regain my former health.

My vast experience in engineering and electronics enabled me to build and improve upon Dr Clark’s device as well as to improve upon the devices offered by American and Australian manufacturers.

I quickly trialled my ZA-PET (it is said “zap it” – being a play on words, the device being a zapper and my name being Peter).

Within one month all my symptoms had disappeared and I was able to throw all my drugs away. I was so delighted with my ZA-PET that I began to market it to other sufferers who have also experienced similar results with all manner of problems.

My restless legs do come back every 2-3 months because the virus is hiding in my nerve cells where the electricity can’t reach, but a single session with the ZA-PET banishes it for another 2-3 months. I don’t need the drugs anymore.

You too can use this method to regain your health by ridding your body of its invaders and never to worry about your health again.

Get your whole family well and keep them well.

How It Works

Everything in our universe resonates at its own special frequency. If you emit that same frequency, say for that of a crystal wine glass by singing at the correct frequency then the wine glass will absorb its own frequency until it cannot take any more. It will shake to bits and shatter.

Or take the situation when many people, such as an army unit want to cross a bridge, they must stop marching in step otherwise the rhythm sets up a resonance that can and will bring the bridge down.

The same is true for humans and viruses. We humans have frequencies in our bodies from 1-50 Hz in the brain and the next band for some of the lower organs is about 4.5 MHz (million Hertz).

Viruses occupy the frequency band between approx 75 kHz up to 900 kHz. Since the viruses occupy a band not used by the human body we are able to cover their entire band (with the zapper) without interfering with our own body. Each virus generally has a small frequency signature (only occupying 1-3 kHz) so it is very susceptible to destruction by its own resonant frequency.

Our zapper (ZA-PET) is set at approx 30 kHz and emits a positive polarity square wave which is offset by 0.25 volts to ensure only positive output. Since square waves are extremely rich in harmonics it covers the frequency band up to 2.5 MHz before tailing off in amplitude or effectiveness. We are thus able to target all the viruses without interfering with our own bodies.

Since there is no research available regarding a zappers effect on a fetus it is recommended that pregnant woman don’t use the zapper. People with a heart pacemaker or a metal stent in the heart should also not use the zapper as it will interfere with them.

When to Use

Research has found that it is best to zap first thing in the morning or in the evening when you are relaxing with a book or in front of the television. This is because your body is firing less neural impulses (electrical bursts) to move your muscles.

Some parasites or viruses hide inside your nerve cells because they are safe from those electrical bursts and only come out when you begin to relax i.e. the virus that causes Restless Legs Syndrome and is associated with Parkinson’s (the virus is called Nocardia asteroides).

After the initial 7-10 minute zap, which kills many parasites, there is a 20-30 minute break. During this time bacteria and viruses are released from the dying parasites (like a dog with fleas) and start to invade you instead.

The second 7-10 minute session is intended to kill these newly released viruses and bacteria. If you omit it you could catch a cold, sore throat or something else immediately. Again viruses and/or eggs are released from the dying bacteria.

The third session is designed to kill these last viruses and eggs.

Once you have completed the initial 3-4 week period, you should be sleeping better and without the general aches and pains that plague us. Listen to your body. When you start to get the old problems back again go back on the zapper.

For myself I have Restless Legs Syndrome, caused by a virus called Nocardia asteroides in my nerve cells. While I cannot get rid of them completely because the zapper current can’t get into the hollow nerve cells, I can keep it under control.

I zap when I need to, generally once every 2- 3 months. This stops the fidgety sensation in my legs and allows me to sleep. It also gives me a regular indication of how often I need to zap and when.

The ZA-PET’s current does not reach deep into the eyeball, testicle or bowel contents where good bacteria live, as electricity cannot reach into hollow organs. Continual zapping however will deplete these populations too, often to zero.

Although the good bacteria are also killed off they tend to recover within hours and cause no problems. If you have concerns about the levels of good bacteria in your system you can repopulate with acidophilus yoghurt.

You can help to kill the inaccessible bacteria by using a product called “Formula 825” by Malcolm Harker, (available here on our site) who uses Dr Clark’s original herbal ingredients for killing off the viruses by putting it into a seaweed based liquid. Take 1 capful per day on an empty stomach (usually first thing in the morning). You can dilute 50/50 with water or juice although this also dilutes the strength.

How to Use Zapper

Moisten the handholds by placing them under the tap or in a glass of water (just the hand-holds, not the wire or jack) then squeeze out the excess water. It is recommended that you hold onto the hand holds for no less than 7 minutes. Moistening the hand-holds helps to provide good conductivity between them and your hands. We are only using 9 volts here so there is no possibility of danger.

It is unlikely that you would feel the 9 volts. It would take over 25 volts before the effect would be noticeable. 25 volts would be totally unnecessary as viruses only need 5-9 volts at .0001 Amp to kill them, that would be one hundredth of one millionth of an Amp.

Turn the unit on and hold onto the hand-holds for 7-10 minutes followed by a 20-30 minute break-repeat three times. Repeat each day for 3-4 weeks. Further zapping and maintenance programmes are at your convenience. Further information is available in Dr Clark’s book “The Cure For All Diseases”.

When the gauze on the hand-holds needs to be replaced, prise off the end plugs on the handholds and replace with finger-bandage, which can be bought from any chemist shop, using the applicator in the packet. We use three layers of gauze on each hand-hold, approximately 1m per hand hold. There is no research available therefore this is not recommended for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

We recommend using Malcolm Harker’s “Formula 825” for the first week as it works quicker on the bacteria in the stomach where the zapper takes a little longer to penetrate.

More About ZA-PET

If you get a tickle or soreness in the throat, even if it is 3am, which indicates an oncoming cold or flu, get up, take a capful of “Formula 825“, gargle then swallow. This has been found to stop it dead in its tracks.

The ZA-PET is perfectly safe for small children or the elderly to use. There is no time limit to how long you can use the ZA-PET.

If you have a serious illness then it has been found beneficial to zap morning and night.
When using the ZA-PET do not use for less than 7 minutes, as this would be ineffective.

If using a drug for Diabetes or high blood pressure you are advised to monitor your condition through your medical practitioner because you may need to cut down your dosage as your condition improves.

If you don’t have an applicator for putting on the finger bandage you can use a 4-5 inch length of plastic tubing, slightly bigger in diameter than the stainless tubing. We can supply this if you require it, with your original order for only $2.50.

When the unit is turned off the red ‘led’ light flickers, this is normal.

There are warnings of what is called ‘electroporation’. Supposedly if you are taking mega doses of herbs or drugs, the zapping can open up the cells and allow excess medication. While we have had no cases of this, a case has been reported when a women in England drank mega doses of carrot juice and then complained when her skin turned orange. There is further info on the internet if you are concerned.

As there is no research information available yet, it is advised that the ZA-PET should not be used by pregnant women or by people with pacemakers as signals from the zapper may interfere with them. It is also recommended that people with metal stints in their heart not use the zapper.
Because of health laws we are not allowed to make claims either good or bad believed due to the use of this device.

Unit Specification

  • Each unit is a professionally designed quality device, which has been thoroughly tested.
  • Each unit has an output frequency of approx 30,000 Hertz (cycles per second), positively offset square wave, equal duty cycle and at a nominal voltage of 9 volts DC.
  • Battery supplied. This device uses an alkaline battery, which gives a higher output current and extended life.
  • Low battery warning. You need at least 5 volts to penetrate the resistance of the skin so when the battery output drops below a pre-set level of 6.2 volts a red light (LED) will illuminate indicating the need for a new battery.
  • Stainless hand-holds…other manufacturers use copper tubing which tarnishes, thereby restricting the voltage output. The stainless handholds are high quality and hygienic.
  • Fitted gauze on hand-holds…other manufacturers use tissue paper or toilet paper, which have to be tied onto the copper tubing.
  • NEW!  Self test circuit – we have now included this updated circuit so that you can test that the unit is working by pressing the push button on the right hand side of the unit while holding onto the (wet) hand-holds. A red led light (above the push button) will illuminate indicating that it is fully functional. It also indicates when the bandage covering needs rewetting as the red led light grows dimmer as the moisture evaporates.