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M Hall – 94 Years Young

I have used the ZA-PET machine for 14 years now and it has helped me immensely, most wonderful thing I have owned, kept me able to do my gardens, housework and make my own meals.

I am 94 years of age and have no diabetes, blood pressure or heart trouble, I’m in great health and independent.
I am able to have my own stall at a monthly market for which I do my own crafts.
Nowadays I just use my ZA-PET about once a week or 10 days for maintenance, I definitely believe the ZA-PET has proved to me ‘prevention is better than cure’.

I put my years of great health down to use of the ZA-PET machine. I am also very pleased with the backup information I get from the people at ZA-PET, Trixie-may and Peter.

Thanks, I believe everyone should have one!

M Hall

TM Moss

8 September 04

I had a scan that showed a cyst on my ovary.
I was made another appointment for three months time for another scan.
In the three months it had grown to 40 x 25 x 25mm with a feeler coming out of it and weighing 21 gms.

I had a referral to go and see a gynaecologist. However I should have got to see the gynaecologist within days but there was a mix up with my appointment so I waited seven weeks. In this time I used the ZA-PET every day.

To the hospitals surprise it had not grown or changed in size.
I was told I had a one in fifty chance it was cancer.
I was in hospital in a couple of weeks as it was believed to be life threatening.
I now have my results “NO CANCER”

All I can put it down to is the use of the ‘ZA-PET’.
I believe prevention is better than cure, this I feel is proof.

It certainly seemed to have stunted the growth of the tumour that I had. It could have been fatal.


Mrs P. Demarco

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Moss,

l am so delighted with the ZA-PET ZAPPER I purchased from you several months ago. I had suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for many years and had spent many sleepless nights walking the floor trying to shake off the terrible sensation.

I would always finally give in and take Panadeine in order to send me off to sleep. I worried about the effect the continual use of this drug would have on me. On hearing about your ZAPPER I thought – well why not! – I’ll try anything, I couldn’t believe the relief I started to get from the very first time I used it. I thought I must have been imagining it, as I had expelled to use it for some time before noticing any great improvement. The following day 1 felt so tired, 1 couldn’t get myself moving, so thought I’d take the opportunity to sit down and rest while having a read of the book we had purchased from you.

The CURE FOR ALL DISEASES is a wonderful book full of logical information. I was amazed to read in it that it was possible to feel very fatigued the day after first using the ZAPPER.

I continued using the ZAPPER nightly for several weeks and then had a break for 3 weeks. After that time, I felt the restlessness returning so used the ZAPPER for a few days and once again the restlessness ceased. I now use the ZAPPER for a few days every 2 weeks and this routine keeps the syndrome at bay.

I would recommend the ZA-PET ZAPPER to anyone, it has become my most precious piece of equipment.

With gratitude,

Mrs P. Demarco

Lady Carla Davis, ND

A valuable device to have!

By Lady Carla Davis, ND

Several years ago: I read a book called “THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS” by Hulda Regehr Clark, in her book; DR. Clark showed how to make an electrical device to zap/kill parasites, which she claims are found in all cancers. I knew this would be a valuable device to have. However, with my hectic schedule, I never got around to making it.

Eventually, I read another excellent book, called “DEATH IN THE AIR” by Dr. Leonard C. Horowitz, which clearly reveals the nasty viruses most of us are deliberately being exposed to. All the more reason, I thought, to obtain a zapping device for protection from this serious problem. As many people have found, these nasty viruses can be quite debilitating and very hard to get rid of!

More recently, I attended a wonderful health fair in Hamilton . The first booth that caught my eye was selling the ZA-PET! The very type of zapping device I so much wanted to obtain. Better yet, this ZA-PET was:
A finished product made with quality materials;
Compact, light weight for travelling and small enough to fit into a pocket;
Powered by a 9 volt battery for use anywhere in the world.

Also, it had:
Stainless handles, covered in bandage that could easily be replaced when they got dirty;
A lighted on-off switch, which also indicated when the battery was dead.

Like with any device, proper usage is important. There are both benefits and certain cautions to be aware of and it is important to carefully follow the instructions. For example if someone is on a cardiac pacemaker, use of this type of device is not recommended. In addition, researcher, Dr. Bob Beck found that different electrical frequencies produce changes in the permeability of cellular membranes, making them more porous than normal, thus, normal chemical constituents of plasma are able to enter the cells more easily and at greater concentrations then would normally be possible. Therefore, taking medications of any sort, including medicinal herbs and certain supplement formulas, could effectively result in an overdose. Hence, Dr. Beck recommends refraining from taking them at least a week prior to use of this type of device.

When used properly, this device can produce many benefits. Recent reported data by Narendra P. Singh and Henry Lai from the Dept. of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, in Seattle, suggests that electric current can selectively inhibit the growth of leukaemia cells and does not significantly affect normal cells.

Because of the wide range of benefits obtained from using this type of device, many of my clients and family members have purchased the ZA-PET. Thus far, everyone has been very satisfied with the results, including my husband who is a medical doctor and scientist.

Some of the benefits reported are:
More energy;
More restful sleep;
Less stiffness;
Reduction or elimination of congestion;
Better sense of well-being;
Better digestion and bowl movements;
Alleviation of aches and pains;
Alleviation from shaking-leg syndrome;
Shrinkage of tumours and lumps;
Stronger immune system function;

As a health practitioner and writer, 1 always check into and place high importance on the people behind a product! In researching this and other similar devices, I found the ZA-PET to be the most user-friendly and best valued one on the market. Plus, and most importantly; this company is dependable, experienced, will back its warranty with excellent service. Both my husband and I highly recommend the ZA-PET when use of this type of device is required.

Peter; who is an engineer and expert in his field, spent a lot of time sharing valuable knowledge and important data with me, which I was thrilled to learn about.

Trixie-May, who manages the business side of this company, always responds rapidly to customer requests and concerns. They are both a real pleasure to deal with!

Cindy – Tauranga

I had a lung test after suspecting something not right in my chest. The test showed my breathing capacity was only 140 when it should have been 379 minimum. I was then put on request for chest x-rays. Two days after the above result I received, I, in shock, was telling Peter who makes the ZA-PET and he suggested I try it. I bought one the next day and immediately started using it everyday for the following month.

Over this time more or less straight away I felt a calmness come over me for sleeping better and the stress I’d been suffering eased immensely. I went back for breathing capacity tests every week over the next month while using the ZA-PET, each week my breathing had improved. In the fourth week my breathing capacity was back to what it should have been and better.

I have been so grateful and happy that I’m privileged to own my ZA-PET thoroughly believing my breathing, sleeping, less stress and overall feeling of well being are attributed to my ZA-PET. I will recommend using the ZA-PET to everyone.

I remain yours sincerely


Peter Moss

Peter Moss
027 201 3552
May 1999

For fifteen years I suffered from “Restless Legs Syndrome’, ‘a distressing disease which causes nervous spasms, twitching, pain in the legs and sometimes arms. I needed to take the drug “Madopar” (used for Parkinson’s disease) every night in order to get a few hours sleep. Unfortunately, like so many drugs, prolonged use reduces its effectiveness, so I had to go off it for a time.

On top of this, I had developed a peptic ulcer, hiatus hernia and even picked up the Giardia bug while on a hunting trip. I was being driven insane by lack of sleep and the bags under my eyes made me look ten years older.

A friend lent me a book by Dr Hulda Clark called “The Cure for all Diseases” which put forward the theory that disease is caused by parasites along with the presence of solvents in the body which allows them to establish themselves. She devised an electronic device called a “Zapper” which, via a certain electromagnetic frequency, destroys these parasites.

I purchased one of these zappers and after only one month of using the device I found I could sleep without taking Madopar. It is now nine months later and I have not had to return to the drug, I don’t have my ulcer or the Giardia any more and my hiatus hernia only bothers me occasionally. I’m now undertaking detoxification of my liver and kidneys to further my healing.

I can remember my grandparents giving us kids “sulphur and molasses” on a regular basis and occasionally Epsom Salts to “clean out the parasites from our systems”. Why have we forgotten the old ways, they made such sense.

P Phillis

Dear Mr & Mrs Moss,

My health was very much under par. By chance I heard about your Zapper and duly purchased one which I used every day for a month.

My health has greatly improved.

My sister suffers from breathlessness she is now using your device and informs me she was gardening and not tired.

Hard work has always been part of my life. the use of the Zapper helped me regain a zing a zoom, a zest for living.

Have reccommended it to other people.

Grateful thanks

Steve – Auckland

To Peter & Tracy May Moss, I feel that recounting the positive experiences I have had with your ZA-PET is well worth sharing with you and other potential customers.

I found that continual use after a month, greatly diminished the desire to smoke. I also found that I was able to “not smoke” without any of the usual cravings + withdrawal symtoms. The ZA-PET was very helpful.

I’ve also found that the “Restless Legs Syndrome” (the tingling in my legs) can be greatly reduced, down to almost nothing. There has never been anything else that would help me.

People should be made aware of what your unit can do for them.

It really is “Value for Money”

Thanks so much,


Swinging Myra

Bought back quality of life

I’m 84 years old. Two years ago I could hardly walk any distance without a walking stick. I purchased a ZA-PET magnetic field machine, the one written about by Hulda Clarke in her book ‘The Cure for All Diseases’. By the time I bought the machine, I was beside myself as I had lost my independence by not being able to walk very far, not even to the shops.

Within a short period my arthritis improved, I could walk again and do some gardening which still is my favourite pastime. These days I can even venture down to the shops. I’ve started making crafts again and have a craft stall at the markets once a month. The day of submitting this letter I walked up the stairs to the office of Healthy Options, a great feat I could never have achieved 18 months ago!

Sometimes I forget to use the machine, other times I use it daily, mostly now I just go on the machine for a few minutes when I feel I need to. I think it’s a marvellous invention and would no way be without it. I can’t express enough gratitude to the ZA-PET people and the back-up support I got from them.

Thank you Healthy Options for the opportunity to share the results of this marvellous machine with others.

Swinging Myra, Greerton