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ZA-PET – Improved Dr Hulda Clark Zappers and Intestinal Cleanse

In times past our Grandparents gave the entire family sulphur and molasses two to three times a year. This purged our bodies of parasites, worms and viruses that we picked up on a regular basis from close contact with pets, undercooked meat and even from everyday garden vegetables. They also administered regular doses of Epsom salts to open up the ducts in our liver and kidneys so we could purge the accumulated filth not filtered out by your organs.

Why have we forgotten these simple and economic methods of keeping healthy?

It is a fact that one third of the world’s population harbours Helicobacter pylori, bacteria which infect the stomach and can cause ulcers and cancers there. It is also a fact that two thirds of the world’s population harbours the Herpes Virus.

Everybody, regardless of race, age, background and wealth is infected by at least 12 of over 1000 parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses that can infect humans worldwide.

ZA-PET™ is an electronic (zapper type) device that uses a frequency generator.

Full instructions about the use and benefits of Zappers can be found in the book “The Cure For All Diseases” by Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD. ND.
The Cure for All Diseases - Book by Dr Hulda Regehr Clark